Blockchain's Implications for Healthcare

Where are you in block chain?

Blockchain is all the rage in the news and applications for healthcare are real. But how ready are you to use the process. And, more importantly, what do you need to know about this for drug development, patient centricity, managed care, etc. This webinar will feature Steven W. Teppler, attorney; Bitcoin/ Blockchain expert and others from the HRA and Healthcare Analytics NewsTM team.

In this webinar, we will address:
  • What blockchain is and how it works
  • Industry awareness of blockchain technology
  • Predictions on how blockchain will change the healthcare industry
  • Industry likelihood of adopting this technology

Steve W. Teppler leads the firm’s electronic discovery and technology-related class action and mass tort litigation. Additionally, he teaches electronic discovery and information governance as an adjunct professor at the Nova Southeastern Law School. Steven also holds six patents in the field of content authentication and is the founding co-chair of the American Bar association’s Internet of Things Committee. HRA® is very excited to utilize his wealth of knowledge on blockchain.
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