Webinars & Analytics

How will precision medicine impact the cardiovascular field? Listen into our interactive webinar to learn more.
Are outcome-based contracts the key to swift adoption of your pharmaceutical to formularies? HRA® investigated the payer perspective on whether these contacts will shift pharmaceutical spending to more effective drugs. Listen into our interactive webinar to learn more!
As therapies like Kymriah and Yescarta transform medicine, how can you assist in swift uptake of these treatments or ensure success in the development of yours? Listen into HRA®'s upcoming webinar to discuss the challenges and how to combat them.
HRA® investigated the next technology that will change the healthcare industry, blockchain. In this webinar, we will be discussing what blockchain is and you can utilize it.
In part two of our webinar series on patient centricity, we will be examining the role of wearable devices and apps on physicians’ practices. In this interactive webinar, we will explore how key stakeholders can improve treatement care, reach unmet needs, and take part in the changing industry.
HRA® has joined the battle against pediatric cancer with their newest syndicated study, “Pediatric Oncology: How to Win the Long Term Battle.” In this interactive archived webinar, the topline findings of this study were analyzed.
In this archived webinar, HRA® bridged the gap between drug and medical device manufacturers and patients to gauge their interactions with wearable healthcare, and to determine how wearables will impact the future of healthcare.
HRA® has conducted a study with primary care physicians (PCPs) regarding their involvement in patient cancer care. In this interactive archived webinar, we discussed the results of this survey with Dr. Laurence J Heifetz, MD, FACP.
Are you prepared for changes in the infectious disease space? HRA® conducted a study to determine where the areas of opportunity are in the infectious disease domain from the frontline doctors.
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