Case Study

US Brand Positioning and Message Testing (Pharmaceutical)

Business Objective

Gauge reaction to product positioning statement; Identify the most compelling messages; Pinpoint the optimal flow of messages.


A major pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch an IV formulation of a well-established oral drug for use in hospitalized patients. The client wanted to determine the optimal communication strategy for physicians at launch.



HRA employed a bi-modal qualitative research approach:

  • In-Person In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Telephone In-Depth Interviews (TDIs)
  • Physicians were asked to review and evaluate brand positioning statement and Target Product Profile (TPP).
  • Physicians engaged in an exercise to select the most compelling messages that best support positioning and prioritize key elements to create an ideal story flow.


  • The insights captured from study showed that the product would fill an unmet need and uncovered a potentially new positioning opportunity beyond just the hospital setting.
  • The most effective themes and story flow were identified, in order to ensure the key messages resonated with the target audience and recommendations were made to refine messages to achieve greatest impact.

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