The Primary Care Physicians' Role In Cancer Care

Empower Your Cancer Treatment by Facilitating PCP Involvement

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the United States. Although strides have been made in prevention and early detection, a great need remains for a multi-faceted view of the cancer care continuum. In order to meet the needs of patients, primary care physicians (PCPs), who are increasingly at the forefront of cancer screenings and evaluation of symptoms, should be a part of the team-oriented approach to caring for patients with cancer. HRA® has conducted a study with 200 PCPs regarding their involvement in and their perception of their role in cancer care.

In this study, HRA® explores:
  • Trends of PCP involvementin cancer care that yield early referrals
  • PCPs’ perception of their role in the ongoing care of cancer patients
  • Unmet needs regarding the information and resources to be addressed to facilitate PCP involvement in cancer care
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