Evidence Based Oncology: Future of Incentive-Driven Pathway Adherence

Dynamics in Cancer Care®

HRA’s Oncology Pathways: Future of Incentive-Driven Adherence explores recent decisions by payers to provide financial incentives to oncologists to follow their evidence-based treatment pathways. This creates an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to understand the implications this may have on current brand utilization and future prescribing trends.

Research Topics:

  • Key attributes driving decision making among payers about the perceived value of clinical pathways on patients and cost of care
  • Implication of clinical pathways use on select types of tumors, the expected expansion trends, biomarker testing, and how clinical pathways impact clinical trial referrals
  • Market forces driving the use of clinical pathways in oncology


  • Understand how pathways are developed and the role of oncologists, payers, and third-party vendors.
  • Map out goals for providers to follow clinical pathways.
  • Gauge the receptivity of oncologists to the use of clinical pathways and the impact of incentives.
  • Determine the impact of clinical pathways on patient care and implications for manufacturers.

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