HRA® offers a comprehensive lineup of market research services that powerfully, directly, and effectively provides your team with relevant and meaningful insights to help propel your brand.

Whether you are planning a launch strategy or working with a product near the end of its lifecycle, HRA can support all of your research needs.
Access is everything

HRA (Healthcare Research & Analytics), a part of The Agency NetworkTM, is a full-service healthcare market research agency that harnesses the power of our connectivity with MJH Life Sciences and its significant multimedia portfolio, giving you unique access to:

  • A proprietary panel of physicians, pharmacists, payers, patients, caregivers, and other key stakeholders to support your brand strategy
  • A connection to dozens of the most respected healthcare publications in the United States
Differentiate and deliver

Our alliance with MJH allows us to “tap into” these experts and influencers at all times to help you:

  • Facilitate more authentic conversations, and create more authentic communications
  • Deliver deeper, more compelling market insights that significantly differentiate you from your competition
  • Empower you with recommendations that can make an enormous, positive impact on all of your core audiences
Services that move you forward

HRA offers you 40 years of leadership and experience, as well as a full range of research methods that can help you reach your most far-reaching goals.

For a complete list of these capabilities within each category, simply activate each tab below.

Product Development

  • Discovery Process
  • Market Landscape
  • Product Profile Uptake/Optimization
  • Patient Flow
  • Market Sizing
  • Early Segmentation (Pre-clinical to Phase I)
  • Early Positioning (Pre-clinical to Phase I)
  • Baseline ATUs
  • KOL Identifications

Launch Communications

  • Discovery Process
  • Pricing
  • Message Testing
  • Market/Payer Access Strategies
  • Concept/Ad Testing
  • Mock P&T Committees


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Device/Health Tech
  • Diagnostics
  • Consumer Healthcare


  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Patients
  • Payers
  • Key Opinion Leaders

Therapeutic Areas

  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Dermatology
  • Women’s Health
  • Eye Care
  • Dental Health
  • Animal Health

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