HRA provides strategic support to global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

Access insights across the unstructured digital landscape

Our approach to social listening incorporates linguistic analysis to identify specific, verified target populations to gain in-depth behavioral insight across key audiences. Our  unique methods gather insights on topics related to products, companies, and disease areas across the digital landscape (eg, social networks, forums, discussion groups, blogs, websites).

Evidence-based insights

We combine evidence and data with advanced analytics to understand the market landscape, assess commercial potential, identify key target customers and influencers, and understand how your communications tools resonate with your target audience. We provide recommendations based on years of industry experience and monitor key performance indicators to maximize brand value.

A leader in conference research

We conduct research at over 90 conferences each year across many therapy areas to accelerate answers related to competitive intelligence, presentations, posters, and beyond. 

HRA targets healthcare specialists onsite at a variety of key specialty conferences to provide immediate answers to your key business questions.
  • Wide variety of physician specialties and allied healthcare professionals
  • In-person, conference-based or online methods available
  • Immediate stakeholder interview recruitment
  • Onsite device or product demonstrations/evaluations
  • Longitudinal tracking