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What makes HRA different

• KOL Insights Forum
The most convenient method allowing our clients to access hard-to-reach KOLs in an in-person, one-one-one, group or Ad Board-like setting
  • Access top-tier KOLs with highly specific expertise
  • Flexibility to engage with KOLs on specific needs only thus requiring minimal engagement time
  • Convenient, pre-scheduled events planned at industry conferences
  • Convenient, pre-scheduled events planned at HRA headquarters

HealthAdviser panel
HealthAdviser is a growing community of nearly 20,000 healthcare experts who share opinions and insights through participation in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and online surveys.
HRA® can access our HealthAdviser panel to enhance your research and help understand what drives your consumer base.

MJH Associates healthcare enterprise
MJH Associates, the parent company of HRA®, provides healthcare professionals with expert-driven information and resources needed to improve patient outcomes. As a full-service healthcare communications company, MJH offers integrated communication products, services, educational opportunities across multiple clinical sectors.
HRA® has a partnership with MJH’s extensive portfolio of healthcare franchises and network of key opinion leaders to provide unmatched insights from the world’s top influencers.
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