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HRA Today Update for the Week of 2/5

Hello and Welcome to HRA® Today. I am Jyoti Parmar. 
This is the HRA® Update for the week of February 5th. 
Leading the news this week: 

Hancock Health in Indiana was hit with a SamSam attack earlier this year.  Hospital leaders had a tough choice to make. The conventional wisdom on ransomware is that victims should never pay. But healthcare organizations often don’t have time to wait for a resolution or restore their systems from backup. Despite having backup files, they ultimately decided to pay $47,000 in bitcoin. 

Read more about this and the growing ransomware threat to healthcare at

In webinar news, HRA® is conducting a syndicated study to determine the preparedness of physicians and institutions for CAR-T cell therapy. 

As therapies like Kymriah and Yescarta transform medicine, how can you assist in swift uptake of these treatments or ensure success in the development of yours? 
In this interactive webinar we will discuss:
•    Institution preparedness to provide CAR-T cell therapy
•    Physician awareness and predicted uptake
•    And Physician concerns about this treatment and how pharma can combat them
Be sure to Register and attend the informational webinar on February 28th at 1pm Eastern. 

Now Shifting focus onto our conferences, HRA will be in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 6th  through the 10th  for The American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons conference. For this once-a-year event, you can access your target market to measure their thoughts on your product or service during all stages of the product life cycle.  While you are there, meet our team and see how they can help you with your rapid-results conference research and market intelligence needs!

If you have any interest in joining us, contact our Senior Account Director Mike Schwebel at

The 35th annual Miami Breast Cancer conference is approaching quickly!
Come join Physician’s Education Resource in Miami, Florida from March 8th through the 11th.  

At the Miami Breast Cancer Conference®, pioneers of innovative approaches in each of the subspecialties will provide insight into the optimal multidisciplinary management of patients with breast cancer and its application to practice.

If you have any interest in joining us, contact our senior account director Mike Schwebel at

This is Jyoti Parmar that’s it for this week’s brief, we’ll talk to you again next week on HRA Today. And check back with or  for the latest updates! 
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