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HRA Today Update for the Week of 1/29

Hello and Welcome to HRA Today. I am Jyoti Parmar.
This is the HRA Update for the week of January 29th. 
Leading the news this week: 

Three important KOLs:  Dr. Mike Postow, Dr. Omid Hamid and Dr. Jason Luke were spotted in our headquarters this week!  These Key Opinion leaders spoke about targeted therapies available for the treatment of patients with advanced and metastatic melanoma which is allowing them to continually hone treatment and individualize care. They provided their perspectives on clinical trials of BRAF/ MEK inhibitor combination targeted therapy for patients with advanced and metastatic melanoma. They discussed the application of real world evidence to inform treatment decisions for patients with these malignancies. It is always an interesting and informative experience having these KOLs at our offices! 

In other news, HRA is excited to introduce Steven W. Teppler as a guest speaker in the upcoming webinar, “Blockchain's Implications for Healthcare.”

In this informational webinar HRA will address:
•    What blockchain is and how it works
•    And the implications and applications to the healthcare industry.
Be sure to register and attend the informational webinar on  February 8th  at 1pm.

Now Shifting focus onto our conferences, HRA will be in San Antionio, Texas on Feburary 25th through the 28th  for The Society of Critical Care Medicine. For this once-a-year event, you can access nearly 5,200 critical care professionals to measure their thoughts on your product or service during all stages of the product life cycle. While you are there, meet our team and see how they can help you with your rapid-results conference research and market intelligence needs! If you have any interest in joining us, contact our Senior Account Director Mike Schwebel at

This is Jyoti Parmar that’s it for this week’s brief, we’ll talk to you again next week on HRA Today. And check back with or  for the latest updates

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