COVID-19: Top 5 Pharmacy Trends

In the wake of COVID-19, pharmacies responded quickly to the rapidly changing environment brought on by the pandemic. Through working with our partner, Pharmacy Times®, our recent Rapid Research Report swiftly fielded and surveyed 450 pharmacists, specialty pharmacists, and technicians to pulse the community on how the global crisis is affecting pharmacists throughout the United States.

Specialty Pharmacy services have become more personal.

Specialty pharmacies have adjusted their patient management techniques to include:

phone counseling

increased availability of home delivery

web conferencing

Pharmacies were quick to take steps to serve their low-income populations.

From increased discounts to partial Rx fills and free delivery, pharmacies were quick to offer solutions for patients financially impacted by COVID-19.

Technicians have become more valuable to overall operations.

Pharmacy technicians stepped up to take on enhanced patient needs, financial assistance, delivery, curbside pickup, and inventory management, even changing their availability to accommodate operational needs.

Nearly all pharmacies are taking actions to maintain services for their patients with chronic conditions.

This includes:

Dispensing larger medication supplies
Providing medication therapy management
Prescription delivery

Telepharmacy is on the rise.

Pharmacies have always communicated with patients by phone, but many have implemented telepharmacy to assist in patient counseling, including medication management and drug interactions

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