Accelerating Insights to Support Your Commercial Strategy

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Opportunity Assessment
  • How do key stakeholders respond to target product profile?
  • What drives interest? Is it clinical? Non-clinical?
Market Landscape
  • What are current treatment patterns?
  • What perceptions of the market and competitors drive decision-making for HCPs?
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Influence Mapping (National, Regional, Local)
  • Who are the key thought leaders to engage at a national, regional, local level and why?
  • Which physicians do colleagues turn to for advice and guidance?
Patient Journey (Buying Process)
  • What is the connection between key stakeholders throughout the decision-making process?
  • What factors influence treatment choice (eg, guidelines, etc)?

Now whenever I have the need to understand the market landscape for a new indication, I know exactly who to come to.

Associate Director, Global Market Research

Global Pharmaceutical Company