Accelerating Insights to Support Your Commercial Strategy

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Strategic Brand Assessment
  • What components of our brand strategy is working? What components are not working?
  • How does our brand strategy need to evolve in view of market changes?
Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • What impact does the competition have on the brand and how do we need to respond?
  • How are market events affecting commercial potential of our brand?
Performance Tracking: ATUs
  • What are the attitudes, perceptions, and usage, and how are they changing over time?
  • Are key stakeholders adopting the product. Why?



Access/Reimbursement Analysis


  • How do we ensure most favorable coverage and access for the product?
  • What is the value proposition to the payer audience?
Salesforce Effectiveness
  • How do the messages that the representatives deliver resonate with key stakeholders?
  • What key metrics are having the greatest impact on product adoption by HCPs?

It was a pleasure to work with you. Everything went very well. The Patient Journey Research helped us understand how the patient flows through the system and uncover areas where we can make a difference.

Business Lead, Oncology Marketing

Global Pharmaceutical Company