Accelerating Insights to Support Your Commercial Strategy

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HRA is a premier provider of conference research, participating in over 90 medical conferences each year, in partnership with our parent company, MJH Life Sciences™. Our primary market research engagements in competitive intelligence, clinical data reviews, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and social listening provide immediate insight on our clients’ key business objectives.


Client Business Need:
Pharma client wanted to obtain insight on ASCO Program Highlights – Key Standards of Care in Breast Cancer and non-small cell lung cancer presentations, companies, meeting attendees, etc.

HRA Recommended Approach:
A comprehensive conference plan was developed with the client in advance of the meeting to collect and analyze data from posters, oral presentations, discussions with presenters, and develop a report with insights and implications from a brand and corporate perspective.

The insights provided a real-time view of the market dynamics and competitive landscape, meeting their specific objectives; the client was very pleased with the level of detail and actionable insights.

Impact on Brand Strategy:
Insights provided confirmation on client’s strategy and tactics and provided a more in-depth understanding of competitors. This information was shared with senior management and other internal stakeholders not able to attend the conference.