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Products & Service
Consultative Custom Research
Consultative Custom Research
Using a collaborative approach with unmatched benefits. HRA utilizes the full strength and expertise of the MJH enterprise to the service of our clients in consultative custom market research.
Big Data Wrangling
Big Data Wrangling
Face it, you can't do research today without big data, but seldom does that data come neatly wrapped. Because of the rapidly increasing role data plays in market analysis and business intelligence, HRA has developed a proprietary combination of advanced econometric models, data wrangling, and a database management platform that creates a dynamic, analytic infrastructure that supplies near real-time reporting through a user interface that speaks to all key stakeholders. This HRA Smart Database combines data from multiple sources, including primary and secondary research, standardizes and organizes the data. HRA teams customize the models based on the inputs and strategic needs of each client.
Pulse Research
Pulse Research
The pulse program offers timely insights drawn from our panel of more than 20,000 healthcare professionals.
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
In a world of unstructured data, real world data, claims data, population data, social media, etc., researchers need to do more than count response rates, they need to synchronize and distill insights from the data regardless of source. Whether for campaign analysis or choice models, the HRA team of researchers can integrate the right data sets to develop timely actionable insights and serve as "bench strength" for in-house teams or strategic partners for the horizon.
Strategic Syndicated Research
Strategic Syndicated Research
HRA leverages their expertise to publish new reports regularly in different therapeutic and industry areas that are affecting healthcare. These studies gather data on industry trends and evolutions, which provide a baseline from which to build a more in-depth study.
HealthAdvisor Panel
HealthAdvisor Panel
HealthAdvisor is a growing community of healthcare experts who share opinions and insights through participation in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and online surveys.
HRA possesses the statistical tools needed to maximize empirical, economic research and to create large scale strategic plans, develop market sizing, forecasting, pricing strategies and economic models and integrate those studies into other forms methodologies. The HRA team of researchers can integrate the right data sets to develop timely actionable insights and serve as "bench strength" for in-house teams or strategic partners for the horizon.
Rapid Result Conference Research
Rapid Result Conference Research
HRA conducts qualitative and quantitative research at more than 90 conferences each year, including several "exclusive" events conducted by our large enterprise. HRA offers their clients rapid, front-line results by asking their target audience strategic questions across all phases of their product's life cycle.
Digital Landscape Analysis
Digital Landscape Analysis
With more than two billion people actively engaged in online conversations, social media has the power to - and has - change the face of governments, shaped policy, lifted and/or killed brands and reputations. HRA has deep experience in employing social media and other digital data points to set the stage for everything from data-driven creative used in marketing to competitive intelligence. HRA often uses digital landscape assessments around conference work to surface key themes and opinions about the latest research, drugs, protocols, or positions. Social also blends well with and guide qualitative and quantitative studies.
Webinars & Analytics
In part two of our webinar series on patient centricity, we will be examining the role of wearable devices and apps on physicians’ practices. In this interactive webinar, we will explore how key stakeholders can improve treatement care, reach unmet needs, and take part in the changing industry.
HRA® has joined the battle against pediatric cancer with their newest syndicated study, “Pediatric Oncology: How to Win the Long Term Battle.” In this interactive archived webinar, the topline findings of this study were analyzed.
In this archived webinar, HRA® bridged the gap between drug and medical device manufacturers and patients to gauge their interactions with wearable healthcare, and to determine how wearables will impact the future of healthcare.
An HRA® Publication
The Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences wants to help other healthcare orgs prepare for cyberattacks.
"Experience with FDA and the 510K process" is a preferred qualification, though.
A new report from British Columbia's Ministry of Health outlines widespread staff dissatisfaction with custom IHealth EHR system. 
A platform designed to help people remain in recovery is telemedicine’s latest tool.
The 4th edition of the annual competition keeps the focus on healthcare, calling on contestants to employ AI for cellular research.
The creator of a digital genetics database says it’s all about harmonization.
The 5-year-old disruptor finds a friend in 200-year-old French insurance giant.
Wearables and personal health monitors have impressive capabilities, but a new review from Cedars-Sinai indicates that they don't often affect behavioral change.
What healthcare must learn from a new analysis that doubles as a warning.
Using telehealth to combine the efforts of school nurses with the knowledge of a PCP yielded better outcomes for children with asthma in a poor urban environment.
Syndicated Studies
HRA® conducted a study to analyze the infectious disease landscape and scope for areas of opportunities for drug development, product marketing, and physician education. Use this syndicated study to strategically guide your entrance into this space and target infectious disease specialists.
Recent legislation has provided a faster path to market for biosimilars which are positioned to revolutionize the field of protein therapeutics. HRA® analyzed clinical, regulatory, and survey information on biosimilars to improve understanding and future expectations in the field. HRA® conducted an online survey with 160 Rheumatologists and Oncologists designed to yield insights into potential drivers of biosimilar prescribing. In addition, key insights from payers were included.
HRA's Oncology Pathways: Future of Incentive-Driven Adherence explores recent decisions by payers to provide financial incentives to oncologists to follow their evidence-based treatment pathways. This creates an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to understand the implications this may have on current brand utilization and future prescribing trends.
HRA is the premier provider of qualitative and quantitative research at healthcare conferences. HRA Rapid Results Conference offers clients the opportunity to get quick front line insights from their target audience from all phases of the product life cycle.
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HRA is not just another market intelligence firm. HRA is powered by the strength of the Michael J. Hennessy, Associates healthcare communications and education enterprise, which gives HRA a strong backbone in healthcare and a deep mastery of data resources to drive a unique perspective for our clients' market research needs.

HRA leverages a proprietary panel of nearly 20,000 healthcare professionals and the MJH enterprise database of nearly three million healthcare professionals.
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