• Conference Coverage
    Oncology Nursing Society 44th Annual Congress
    Apr. 11-14, 2019
    Anaheim, CA

    Gain deep insights into the latest developments in Oncology Nursing from top experts.
  • Conference Coverage
    Asembia's Specialty Pharmacy Summit
    Apr. 29-May 2, 2019
    Las Vegas, NV

    Get access to the latest trends and insights from the top Specialty Pharmacy experts.
  • Conference Coverage
    2019 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
    May 4-10, 2019
    Philadelphia, PA

    Grow your brand with insights from the top experts in Neurology.
  • Conference Coverage
    2019 ASCO Annual Meeting
    May 31-June 4, 2019
    Chicago, IL

    Uncover the latest insights and trends in oncology research from top influencers.
Products & Service
Custom Market Research
Custom Market Research
Using a collaborative approach with unmatched benefits. HRA utilizes the full strength and expertise of the MJH enterprise to the service of our clients in consultative custom market research.
Pulse Research
Pulse Research
The pulse program offers timely insights drawn from our panel of more than 20,000 healthcare professionals.
Strategic Syndicated Research
Strategic Syndicated Research
HRA leverages their expertise to publish new reports regularly in different therapeutic and industry areas that are affecting healthcare. These studies gather data on industry trends and evolutions, which provide a baseline from which to build a more in-depth study.
HealthAdviser Panel
HealthAdviser Panel
HealthAdviser is a growing community of healthcare experts who share opinions and insights through participation in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and online surveys.
Conference Research
Conference Research
HRA conducts qualitative and quantitative research at more than 90 conferences each year, including several "exclusive" events conducted by our large enterprise. HRA offers their clients rapid, front-line results by asking their target audience strategic questions across all phases of their product's life cycle.
Digital Landscape Analysis
Digital Landscape Analysis
With more than two billion people actively engaged in online conversations, social media has the power to - and has - change the face of governments, shaped policy, lifted and/or killed brands and reputations. HRA has deep experience in employing social media and other digital data points to set the stage for everything from data-driven creative used in marketing to competitive intelligence. HRA often uses digital landscape assessments around conference work to surface key themes and opinions about the latest research, drugs, protocols, or positions. Social also blends well with and guide qualitative and quantitative studies.
Webinars & Analytics
How will precision medicine impact the cardiovascular field? Listen into our interactive webinar to learn more.
Are outcome-based contracts the key to swift adoption of your pharmaceutical to formularies? HRA® investigated the payer perspective on whether these contacts will shift pharmaceutical spending to more effective drugs. Listen into our interactive webinar to learn more!
As therapies like Kymriah and Yescarta transform medicine, how can you assist in swift uptake of these treatments or ensure success in the development of yours? Listen into HRA®'s upcoming webinar to discuss the challenges and how to combat them.
An HRA® Publication
Our current data privacy laws are not protecting individuals enough.
The increasing availability of EHRs allows researchers to compare results from trials to data from actual practice.
Patients don’t need to be woken for periodic vital sign checks, a new study finds.
With the deadline for comments looming, CMS and ONC recognized the complexity and importance of the proposed interoperability rules.
Interoperability is a key piece in creating a more unified healthcare industry.
Cocaine-fueled medical education helped set the stage for physician burnout. 
And there is no sign of telehealth adoption slowing down over the next several years.
The funding comes on the heels of the launch of its AI platform that expedites the review of surgical procedures.
It’s time to ditch the outdated approach to data collection, storage and usage, in favor of smarter data management.
The startup wants to expand its software suite by releasing an oncology line of products.
Syndicated Studies
HRA® conducted a study to analyze the infectious disease landscape and scope for areas of opportunities for drug development, product marketing, and physician education. Use this syndicated study to strategically guide your entrance into this space and target infectious disease specialists.
Recent legislation has provided a faster path to market for biosimilars which are positioned to revolutionize the field of protein therapeutics. HRA® analyzed clinical, regulatory, and survey information on biosimilars to improve understanding and future expectations in the field. HRA® conducted an online survey with 160 Rheumatologists and Oncologists designed to yield insights into potential drivers of biosimilar prescribing. In addition, key insights from payers were included.
HRA® conducted a syndicated study to analyze the primary care physican (PCP) perceived involvement in cancer care. In this study, HRA® touched all facets of the relationship between PCPs and oncology from EMRs, early referrals and how to ensure both parties are informed to better the relationship between pharma, cancer centers,and PCPs.
HRA is the premier provider of qualitative and quantitative research at healthcare conferences. HRA Rapid Results Conference offers clients the opportunity to get quick front line insights from their target audience from all phases of the product life cycle.
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