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Understand the Healthcare Marketplace on Your Timeline
HRA Rapid Results provides valuable insight from a broad range of healthcare audiences within a short time frame.  HRA Rapid Results offers straightforward solutions to what sometimes are complex problems, and doesn’t require a massive investment to get you the information you need quickly.
HRA Rapid Results features:
  • Fast-turnaround, high quality, custom healthcare market research
  • Wide variety of physician specialties and allied healthcare professionals
  • Custom insights at affordable prices
  • Quick and reliable delivery of topline data
  • Flexible approach
  • In-person, conference-based or online methods available
  • HRA Rapid Results has a variety of price-points, questionnaire sizes and specialties to meet your needs.

The Facts About HRA Rapid Results – Conference
HRA Rapid Results Conference has a presence at over 85 healthcare conferences each year.  We gather insights with actively engaged healthcare professionals using innovative mobile research approaches featuring iPad® technology.  HRA Rapid Results Conference leverages HRA’s extensive quantitative and qualitative capabilities to offer flexible, budget-friendly, custom research programs.
HRA Rapid Results Conference allows you to target specific, hard-to-reach healthcare specialists and capture diverse domestic and/or international representation in a single location.
HRA Rapid Results Conference has a variety of research applications, but can be especially useful for:
  • Demonstrating/showing devices and product prototypes on site
  • Conducting comparisons across different specialties/conventions to determine differences/similarities
  • Recruiting quantitative respondents for immediate qualitative interviews
  • Longitudinal tracking via surveys at annual meetings
Each HRA Rapid Results Conference quantitative project provides a topline summary of results.  A full report of findings can be prepared upon request.
HRA Rapid Results Conference provides the following for quantitative projects:
  • 100 respondents from among the conference attendees
  • Survey design and/or consultation
  • Programming and field administration of the study
  • Topline results in Excel format
  • SPSS data upon request
Each HRA Rapid Results Conference qualitative project provides a full, in-depth report with the insights you need to make key business decisions.
HRA Rapid Results Conference provides the following for qualitative projects:
  • Full-service telephone recruiting to identify the right participants and engage them for IDIs or focus groups
  • Screener design and/or consultation
  • Discussion guide design and/or consultation
  • A proven moderator with therapeutic expertise in your area of study
  • An in-depth report

HRA Rapid Results Conference has flexible research designs and price-points to meet your needs. Contact HRA today to learn how HRA Rapid Results Conference can help meet your research needs at an upcoming healthcare meeting.
And HRA is proud to present a new custom offering Conference IQ from HRA Rapid Results Conference 
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