Healthcare Reform: The Changing Role of Retail and Specialty Pharmacy

The role of retail and specialty pharmacies is changing. Are you ready?
September 2014
As America struggles to find a solution to our underachieving healthcare system, the role of retail and specialty pharmacy is rapidly evolving. The pharmacist and technician are seeing their jobs expand to include aiding in improving patient outcomes, providing better access to services, and reducing healthcare costs.  Pharmacies are now on the front lines in at- risk population identification, adherence programs, and as healthcare providers.
HRA’s newest syndicated study, Healthcare Reform: The Changing Role of Retail and Specialty Pharmacy, clarifies the changing role of the pharmacy in the wake of healthcare reform. The research presents comprehensive guidance on how to interact and collaborate with retail and specialty pharmacies moving forward. The research will provide a clear image of retail and specialty pharmacies, their decision making structures, how they are measured, their current programs, and expected changes for the future.
Research Highlights
  • A comprehensive map of retail and specialty pharmacies and their decision- making pathways
  • An understanding of key roles within the pharmacy • Determination of the major influences and impacts of the Affordable Care Act on pharmacies
  • Identification of partnerships and programs with pharmaceutical and  biotech manufacturers
  • And more!
  • Formulate and execute segmented strategies for retail and specialty pharmacies
  • Differentiate needs based on  composition, decision-making  paradigms, and other key variables
  • Ultimately develop stronger  partnerships with pharmacies by understanding how to tailor messages and programs to the appropriate target 
Why HRA-Healthcare Research & Analytics?
HRA – Healthcare Research & Analytics is a consultative healthcare market research practice leveraging a flexible spectrum of solutions to support decision-making and strategy development across healthcare channels.  HRA’s relationship with our sister company, Pharmacy Times, provides us with unparalleled expertise and reach within the pharmacy market.  HRA’s team of highly-experienced market researchers combines deep domain expertise in healthcare, science, business, and statistics with a passion for uncovering insights.   HRA’s portfolio of offerings encompasses quantitative and qualitative, custom and syndicated market research services to support the business needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets.  HRA’s people and its products provide the healthcare market with actionable intelligence – facilitating better business decisions.