Hospital Buying Process

Determine how and where to target your promotional efforts
The Hospital Buying Process is a complex series of touch points that can be challenging to unravel. From patient entry into the hospital through to continuation of care in an outpatient setting, there are many barriers to ensuring that your product is prescribed, that the prescription is filled, and that the patient continues on the product. HRA’s Hospital Buying Process methodology helps brand teams understand this web of stakeholders and decision points and presents it in a way that is streamlined and actionable. Once you understand the buying process, you can make the best business decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts.
The Buying Process
Stage      Key Questions Answered
     What previous treatments have been tried? What type is the managing physician? Is a caregiver involved?
     Why did the patient originate at this location? What department in the hospital?
     What are the symptoms? What tests have been administered? What consultations have occurred? Was the patient admitted?
     What method of administration? What are the reasons for choosing each therapy? In-patient or out-patient care? Are there concomitant therapies?
     What brand was chosen and why? What is the patient profile? Is the product on formulary? Was it the physician's choice?
     Was the prescription filled with the brand chosen by the doctor? Where was it filled (retail, hospital, specialty pharmacy)?
     How does the patient adhere to the prescribed therapy? What are the challenges to adherence?
Case Study
HRA was engaged by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with an inline antipsychotic product to help them understand the dynamic environment of prescribing antipsychotics in various hospital settings and outpatient mental health clinics. Specifically, HRA was tasked with defining hospital origination, diagnosis, treatment choices, brand choice, fulfillment continuity of care, as it related to their product.
HRA's Approach
HRA employed a qualitative approach with a sample design including psychiatrists and nurses as they each have different roles within the process. Respondents were drawn from a mix of psychiatric, community, and academic/teaching hospitals and outpatient mental health clinics. Using re-identified patient records across one-on-one interviews, HRA explored all the possibilities that might be part of the buying process from entry into the hospital system, to patient discharge, to outpatient treatment emphasizing identification of specific key leverage points for brand optimization.
Through our approach, HRA identified specific leverage points for the client’s product and described strategies to improve the product’s overall performance in the hospital space.
Why HRA?
HRA has a 40-year track record of capturing decision-making, challenges, and opportunities across institutions and stakeholders. Our approach – firmly rooted in a deep understanding of hospitals, healthcare systems, and integrated delivery networks – incorporates input from stakeholders at touch points across the entire continuum of care, providing you with a comprehensive view of the marketplace.