HRA Social Insights™

Leveraging the power of social conversations to drive actionable insights for your brand
Social media channels represent a wealth of market intelligence. These streams contain thousands of candid, unbiased opinions and conversations generated directly from providers, patients, and opinion leaders. But how do you keep track of the quickly-changing social web and turn this mass of unstructured data into actionable insights? That’s where HRA Social Insights™ comes in.

HRA Social Insights™ uses cutting-edge technology to mine the social web for relevant information and pairs it with traditional research methods to take brand insights to the next level. Tapping into these social conversations can uncover deeper insights, not only on your brand, but also on the competition. With such a rich data source to call upon, HRA Social Insights™ can be leveraged for a variety of needs, including understanding receptivity to competitive brands, formulating analogs to predict the performance of launch brands, or measuring ongoing awareness as an extension of traditional ATU research.

Application      Key Insights
     Discover influences of the social Web-whether providers, patients, or advocates-and leverage their voice for your brand
      Pick up on real-time buzz around data read-outs, product theaters, and other conference-focused marketing strategies
     Evaluate your competition's strength and weaknesses among influencers and prescribers
     Uncover unmet needs to fuel product development ideas or to give your product an advantage

Why HRA?
HRA has a 40-year track record of capturing decision-making, challenges, and opportunities across institutions and stakeholders. Our approach – firmly rooted in a deep understanding of hospitals, healthcare systems, and integrated delivery networks – incorporates input from stakeholders at touch points across the entire continuum of care, providing you with a comprehensive view of the marketplace.